Jpsj-605f Dissolved Oxygen Meter in Hospital (model JPSJ-605F)
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Jpsj-605f Dissolved Oxygen Meter in Hospital (model JPSJ-605F)

  • JPSJ-605F
  • 0.0~300.0%
  • (+/-0.07mg/L)/1h
  • <=0.10mg/L
  • Universal Power Adapter (9VDC,800mA,Inside - Posit
  • 1
  • CE, ISO
  • 90258000
  • 0.00~45.00mg/L
  • -5.0~115.0oc
  • <=45s(90% Respond at 20oc)
  • Automatic: 0.0~40.0oc
  • 280×215×92
  • everich
  • China
Parameters Concentration/Saturation/ºC
Range DO 0.00~45.00mg/L
DO Saturation 0.0~300.0%
Temperature -5.0~115.0ºC
Accuracy DO ±0.10 mg/L
DO Saturation ±2.0%FS
Temperature ±0.2ºC
Stability (±0.07mg/L)/1h
Response Time ≤45s(90% respond at 20ºC)
Residual Current ≤0.10mg/L
Temp Compensation Automatic: 0.0~40.0ºC
Power Universal power adapter (9VDC,800mA,inside - positive, outside - negative)
Dimension (mm), Weight(kg) 280×215×92,    1

1. Smart-Read function: More stable the reading with auto recognition end-point
  Timed-Read function: Auto timed to store the reading
  Cont-Read function: It is clear to read continuously the sample changing in measurement process
2. More accuracy measurement with reminder the electrode performance and calibration
3. Auto upgrade hardware: Complete and simple user's operation
4. Support GLP norm: More complete checking the stored information
ü   The meter requires setting operator No and records the all operating procedures.
ü   It can record, view and print calibration data.
ü   It can store measuring data(500 sets) which follows GLP norm.
ü   Support view, print, delete stored data
5. Large and light screen: displaying measurement value, temperature value, constant, measurement mode, operation date and time
6. Auto temperature compensation
7. Auto zero oxygen calibration and full scale calibration,
8. Support barometric pressure calibration and salinity calibration
9. Support USB
10. Supports the function of power-off protection, protect your data
Parameters: Concentration/Saturation/ºC
DO: 0.00~45.00mg/L
DO Saturation: 0.0~300.0%
DO: ±0.10 mg/L
DO Saturation: 0.0~300.0%
Temperature: ±0.2ºC
Power: Universal power adapter (9VDC,800mA,inside - positive, outside - negative)
Dimension (mm), Weight(kg): 280×215×92,    1
Stability: (±0.07mg/L)/1h
Response Time: ≤45s(90% respond at 20ºC)
Residual Current: ≤0.10mg/L
Temp Compensation: Automatic: 0.0~40.0ºC





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