Medical Electric Operation Table for Gynaecology and Obstetrics (ET400B)
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Medical Electric Operation Table for Gynaecology and Obstetrics (ET400B)

  • ET400B

  • Gynecoligical Table

  • CE, SGS

  • Women

  • 600mm

  • >=200mm

  • 200kg

  • 60Hz

  • everich

  • China

  • Gynaecology

  • Gynecoligical

  • Without LCD Display

  • >=1780mm

  • 680-880mm

  • 250kg

  • 110V

  • Never Press One Button Over 2min

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

ET400B is the most latest electric table that can be used for Obsterics birthing,Gynecological operation and examination.The table top elevation,trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg.Back palte all controlled b both micro touch hand remote control and foot switch.Imported electric motors enable flexible,smooth movements,low noise ,high reliability.
All base and column cover is made of 304 stainless  steel .
Seamless mattress can be colorfully customized,easy to clean and sterilize.

1.2.2 Feature
a)      You can adjust the height of the table (look at picture 1),convenient for doctors.
b)     The tabletop and base adopt frame construction,the cushion won't move when the table works,and then you can take the cushion apart from the table for cleanup.
2 Instruction
2.1 General content
2.1.1 Basic data
The technical data should look at picture
                                   Picture 1 basic data      Unit:mm
Length Width Highest and lowest height of tabletop Distance of elevation
L B h min s
ET400 ≥1780MM 600MM 680-880MM ≥200MM
2.1.2 Gorss weight,net weight,volume
Gross weight:250,net weight:200,volume(L×W×H)1340×860×890.
2.1.3 Safe working load

Picture 2 : symbol of safe working load

 The safe working load of the table is 173kg(Look at picture 2),back plate is 50kg,buttocks plate 98kg,leg plate is 25kg,
to ensure safe operations.
2.2 using attentions:
2.2.1 attention
a) The table should be kept in a clean place, never put it in the places where influenced by atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, aeration, sunshine ,or dust and sulfur.
b) Be careful when you transport the table
c) The table should be kept separately from chemicals.
d)Please pay attention to the supply frequency,electric tension and nominal impedance;
e) Should choose anti-static cushion.
2.2.2 Attentions:
a)      Please read the instruction before using. People who doesn't know the operating method is forbidden to use.
b)     Check the switch , and be sure they can work.
c)      Please  confirm  all the power line are connected aright, safely;
d)     When it work with high frequency surgical equipment,the equipment should comply with  GB9706.1.
2.2.3 Using attention:
a)      Please check the operating table from time to time;
b)Once found it is out of work, please stop using.
c)Make sure that the patient won't touch the table.
d) Please don't take them down when they are out of work,and contact the serviceman in time ;
e) When change the fuse, you should turn off the power;
f) It should be separated from the magnetic field when using.
2.2.4 attention after using
a)      To return to the former condition,and turn it off,cut off the electricity supply;
b)     Put the hand controller in the right place;
c)      Clean the table after operations.
2.3 Cleanout, disinfection and sterilization
Turn off the power after operations , the cushion should be cleaned twice by 75% alcohol and then use disinfector and ultraviolet radiation for sterilization.
2.4 Method of operation
2.4.1 Preparations before using
a)      electric tension:110V,frequency :60Hz;
b)     No objects exist that affect the operations;
c)      Confirm if all the power lines are connected well,the switch is in" 0" condition;
d)     Move the table to the right place you need;
e)     Connect the telecontroller with the table;
f)      Please check the power supply before turning it on;
g)     Lock the base of the table;
h)  The table adopts short-time work,attention:never press one button over 2min.
2.4.2 operating method
a)      Adjustment of leg plate
Use the telecontroller to finish the operations
b)     Fix of accessories
There is rail on the both side of the table,you can use the fixing clamp the set up all the accessories.




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