Portable Conductivity Meter (model DDBJ-350& DDB-303A)
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Portable Conductivity Meter (model DDBJ-350& DDB-303A)

  • DDBJ-350& DDB-303A
  • (0.00~8.00)%
  • 0.001 Mg/L
  • (+/-0.7%(Fs))/3h
  • 400 Data Points with Time-and-Date Stamp
  • IP65
  • CE, ISO
  • 90258000
  • 0.000 Mg/L~19.99g/L(with 5 Switches)
  • (0.0~40.0)Oc
  • 0.01%
  • May Calibrate Electrode Constant or TDS Factor
  • 1.1DC
  • everich
  • China
Parameters Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/ºC Conductivity
Conductivity 0.000μS/cm~199.9mS/cm(with 5 switches) 0.00μS/cm~100mS/cm(with 4 switches)
TDS 0.000 mg/L~19.99g/L(with 5 switches) -
Salinity (0.00~8.00)% -
Temperature (0.0~40.0)ºC -
Resolution Conductivity 0.001μS/cm 0.01μS/cm
TDS 0.001 mg/L -
Salinity 0.01% -
Temperature 0.1ºC -
Accuracy Conductivity ±1.0%(FS) ±1.0%(FS)
TDS ±1.0%(FS)
Salinity ±0.2% -
Temperature ±0.3ºC±1 bit -
Stability (±0.7%(FS))/3h
Temp compensation Manual/Auto(0.0~40.0)ºC Manual(15.0~35.0)ºC
Temp coefficient 2% Manual adjustment
Calibration May calibrate electrode constant or TDS factor -
Data storage 400 data points with time-and-date stamp -
View, delete and print Yes -
Display Backlit LCD
Under-voltage  instruction Yes -
Output RS-232 -
Software 1.1DC -
Housing IP65 -
Power Four AA batteries Two AA batteries
Case outside serial No. WXS-A006-1 WXS-A004-1
Dimension (mm),Weight(kg) 210×86×50,0.5 170×70×30,0.3

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Portable Conductivity Meter (model DDBJ-350& DDB-303A)
Portable Conductivity Meter (model DDBJ-350& DDB-303A)
Portable Conductivity Meter (model DDBJ-350& DDB-303A)




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