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       Qiu Renzong said: "the treatment, the doctor has proved to be an effective way to treat patients, the patient is the beneficiary. Or be cured, or the symptom relief. Drug clinical trials, the results are uncertain. The new drug must enter the clinical trial stage after the animal test.
       Because of the different animals and the drug effect and toxicity reaction, so in clinical trials of drugs, the direct purpose and not to let subjects benefit directly, but in order to understand new pharmacological effects on the human body, adverse reactions and adaptability, draw a scientific conclusion. For the sale of new drugs. Because of its treatment of the human body is not sure, so the treatment of the purpose of living in a secondary position, and has a certain risk.
       Evidence-based medicine refers to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients should have sufficient scientific basis, any decision should be based on scientific evidence, and this scientific basis should also be the best evidence. This year, I, evidence based medicine is developing rapidly, because of its objective and sufficient scientific basis for the characteristics of the standard, to promote the medical model from the experience of medicine to evidence-based medicine model. In the course of the whole drug clinical trial, large sample randomized controlled clinical trials make good practice of evidence-based medicine, and the adverse drug reaction judgment is a good embodiment of evidence-based medicine.
       Such as past that isolated systolic hypertension in the elderly is not suitable for antihypertensive treatment, but after "European isolated systolic hypertension in the elderly experiment" and "China Elderly systolic hypertension experiment" corrected understanding of the past, come to understand the elderly systolic hypertension treatment is necessary and useful. The adverse drug reactions produced in the test provide a data reference for adverse reactions in clinical applications.




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