Anaerobic Incubator (model YQX-I)
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Anaerobic Incubator (model YQX-I)

  • YQX-1

  • Electrotherapeutics

  • With LCD Display

  • <= 1hour

  • +-1o C

  • 240 / 320

  • 90*65*65

  • 132*75*140

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189070

  • Anaerobic Machine

  • CE

  • <= 5 Minutes

  • +3~50o C

  • 220V, 50Hz / 600W

  • 25*19*29

  • 145*94*158

  • everich

  • China

Anaerobic Incubator Type YQX-I

YQX-1 type anaerobic incubator consists of thermostats incubator, vacuum sampling
room, anaerobic room, gas path, circuit control system, and incubator rack. The
whole machine shape is new modeled, the structure tightly packed. It has many
advantages such as good anaerobic environment, good sealing performange, high
precision for gas check and temperature control, stability, easy operation, gas saving,
economy, work safety and reliability.
It takes less than five minutes to form anaerobic envirorunent in the sampling
 It takes less than one hour to form anaerobic environment in the sampling room.
 If stop supplying micro mixed gas, the anaerobic enyironment can be kept greater

(1)Sample incubator formed anaerobic time ≤ 5 minutes

(2)Incubator formed anaerobic time ≤ 1hour

(3)Keeping time of anaerobic environment ( Under the Operation room stop supplying microgas)≥ 12 hours

(4)Temperature range of incubator RT +3~50º C

(5)Fluatution of incubator room ± 0.3º C

(6)Incubator teperature uniformity: ± 1º C

(7)Power: 220V, 50Hz / 600W

(8)Net/Gross(kg): 240 / 320

Inner dimension(cm) 25*19*29

Operation Size (cm) 90*65*65

Outsize(cm) 132*75*140

Packing size (cm) 145*94*158
Place the unit in a place with clear air and small changes in temperature.
Fully read and know the operation methods of each instrument.
Place the object in the operating room after the anaerobic environment is formed
If there is a failure happened, such as gases are stopped providing, the anaerobic
environment can keep 12 hours in the operating room.   (Take out ofthe objects only
if no gases providing for over than 12 hour.)
Check the gas path normally and ensure there is no leakage.
 Plug up the gas tube when replace the cylinder, and never let any oxygen gases
flow in.
 Regularly check and refuel the vacuum pump as required.

Anaerobic Incubator (model YQX-I)
Anaerobic Incubator (model YQX-I)




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