Anesthesia Machine in Hospital (CMW-301C)
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Anesthesia Machine in Hospital (CMW-301C)

  • CMW-301C

  • Anaesthesia Machine

  • All People

  • Oxygen

  • All People

  • 65kg

  • Lead-Acid 12V, 4ah

  • Electronically Controlled, Pneumatic Driven

  • -20-20CMH2o

  • Automatic

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189070

  • Anaesthesia

  • CE, FDA

  • With LCD Display

  • Closed, Semi-Closed, Semi-Open

  • 70*85*140cm

  • 220V AC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%

  • 20-1500ml

  • 280-600kpa

  • >18L/Min

  • everich

  • China

Applied for adult and child
APL valve is available
With good air tightness, easy to be operated, clean and disinfected
With concentration precisely controlled temperature, flow and pressure compensation technology
With optional imported vaporizers of isoflurane, enflurane and sevoflurane are provided as required
With gas driven and electrical control, color LCD screen displaying sorts of monitoring parameters
7 inch colour LCD screen 
Compact Anesthesia ventilation system with the standard of ISO 9001:13485 
Easy to operate, user friendly 
Ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters, alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring 
Support adult and pediatric 
Applied for closed, semi-closed, semi open inhalation anesthesia controlled or assisted ventilation 
Main specification:
Power: 220V AC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%, built-in battery for backup
Gas: O2, N2O and air (optional)
Oxygen flush: 25 to 75L/minute
Ventilation modes: IPPV, SIGH, SIMV, SIPPV, manual
Parameters monitoring: tidal volume, minute volume, frequency, airway pressure, FIO2 (optional)
Waveform display: pressure-time, flow-time, pressure-volume loop (optional: volume-time, flow-volume loop)
Alarm: optimal third-class alarm unit, tidal volume too high (low), minute volume too high (low), airway pressure too high (low), apnea, AC power failure, gas source failure, airway malfunction
Prospective service and support 
Chenwei is the trusted partner for professionals who rely on our quality assurance, wide level range and high technology . Today we are very proud to share with you our core 
products, which are dedicated to providing professional assortment and solutions for ICU and operation room. 
We offer a highly professional after-sales support provision also provide  technique supports according to customers' needs. Training courses are available of  the service 
packages, managed by experienced training officers. The after-sale service department delivers fast response times and cost-effective maintenance programs without fears in 
the rear.

Technique Specifications

System Standard
Physical specifications
Hypoxic guard system  N2O cut-off valve, O2 concentration no less 
than 25%
Dimensions:   70*85*140cm Safety valve <12.5kPa
Weight:   65kg Fresh gas compensation 25-75L/min
Casters: Central brake with lock Flowmeter Cascade, 0-10L/min
Screen:   LCD Volume of CO2 absorber 1.5L
Display 7 inch   Vaporizer   1 Selectetac, maximum 2 mounts 
Modes of ventilation IPPV  SIMV  MANUAL  STAND-BY Alarm Limits
Ventilator parameter
Audio/Visual No tidal volume, MV,Paw, FiO2 limitation O2
Air failure, AC power failure, backup low
Working type Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven Pipeline supply
Tidal Volume range   20-1500ml Gas configuration  O2, N2O
Pressure range 5-80 mbar Pipeline input range 280-600kPa
Rispriation Rate Range   1-99bpm (1-40bpm under SIMV) Battery Power
I:E Range 4:1-1:8 Battery Type Lead-acid  12V, 4Ah
Ptrigger Range -20-20cmH2O Run-time Typical 30 mins+, up to 2 hrs
Minute volume range >18L/Min Pre-setting functions
SIGH range 0-5/100  Language ENGLISH
Type Integrated, Electronic control Calibration Automatic


Patient range Audlt/ Peadiatric  

PEEP Optional

Range OFF, 3-20cmH O
Optional : Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet


Vaporizer Selectatec

Yoke system (Pin-index) Support 11L cylinder, O /N O

AGSS  Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems 





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