Anesthesia Machine (model MHJ-IIIB2)
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Anesthesia Machine (model MHJ-IIIB2)


  • CE

  • Oxygen

  • 0.27~0.55MPa

  • Active When O2 Pressure Lower Than 0.1MPa

  • 6~40cycles/Min

  • 6kpa

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189070

  • Anaesthesia Machine

  • With LCD Display

  • O2 (0.1~10L/Min)

  • 35~70L/Min

  • Pneumatically Driven and Controlled, Time Cycle a

  • Adult Bellow 150~1600ml

  • everich

  • China

MHJ- IIIB2 multifunction anaesthesia machine, developed with reliability, safety, practicability, combination in mind, is a kind of up-to-date economic anaesthesia machine with modular system. 
Standard parts of MHJ-IIIB2 include anaesthesia ventilator SC-M3A, a compact vaporizer and airway gauge. It is possible to be furnished with other types of vaporizers and electronic monitorings to make an ideal multifunction anaesthesia machines for modern hospital. 

1. ISOcircuit system adaptable to various monitoring 
2. New type of flowmeter ORC system (O2concentration no less than 25%), N2O cut off safety unit. 
3. Conpact Enflurane Vaporizer: Vaporized drug comcentration adjustable 
4. The SC-M3A pneumatic anaesthesia ventilator is comparable small consumption of gas(one cylinder of Oxygen for six hours of operation), and be of precise parameters for control 
5. Airway pressure gauge for real-time display of respiration of patient 

Technical Data: 

1. Flow control range: O2 (0.1~10L/min) 
2. Gas Supply: 0.27~0.55MPa 
3. O2Flush: 35~70L/min 
4. N2O automatic cut-off: Active when O2 pressure lower than 0.1MPa 
5. Non-compensation Vaporizer(Enflurane) 
Cncentration adjustable(0~5%) 
6. Anaesthesia Ventilator: 
Control type: Pneumatically driven and 
Controlled, time cycle and volume constant 
Gas supply: 0.27~0.55Mpa 
Frequency: 6~40cycles/min 
I: E ratio: 1: 2(Fixes) 
Tidal volume: Adult bellow 150~1600ml 
Children bellow 50~150ml 
Safety Valve Working Pressue: 6kPa
Anesthesia Machine (model MHJ-IIIB2)





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