Automatic Potential Titrator (model ZDJ-5)
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Automatic Potential Titrator (model ZDJ-5)

  • ZDJ-5

  • (-1999~0)Mv, (0~1999)Mv

  • ±03mv±1bit/3h

  • ±0.03/100 Fs±1bit

  • +-0.035ml

  • 0.2/100

  • CE, ISO

  • 9027809900

  • (0.00~14.00)pH

  • (-5.0~105.0)Oc

  • ±0.01pH±1bit

  • +_0.025ml

  • 55+-10s(to The Full Scale of The Tube)

  • everich

  • China

Automatic Potential Titrator (model ZDJ-5)
The touch screen control, Chinese interface, office operation, easy to understand.

The 5.7 inch display, can display real-time titration curve and first derivative and spectrum, the titration mode edit and modify.

The modular design, the volumetric titration (Ku Lun) device, control device, measuring device (potential, conductance, never stopped), can be achieved through different combinations of conductometric titration, potentiometric titration, dead stop titration.

Potentiometric titration was composed of volumetric module, control module, measurement module;

Conductometric titration instrument is composed of volumetric module, control module, the module of conductometric titration;

Dead stop titration by volumetric analysis module, control module, measurement module combination of permanent stop;

Coulometric titration apparatus are combined by Coulomb Titration module, control module, measurement module.

The memory pre titration end-point titration, presupposition, a blank titration, manual titration and so on the many kinds of mode, can also according to user requirements to create their own special test mode, to meet the different requirements of the experiment.

The instrument can be external (type TP-16, type TP-24 or type TP-40) serial printer, print measurement data, and the calculated results of the titration curve.

It is controlled by computer, display real-time potential curve and its first-order derivative spectra, two on a computer. With the special software of Rex titration, the virtual interface of various titration, titration method can be realized on the edit, modify, the titration curve and data storage, the results of titration formula editor, database management and statistical functions.

The selection of different electrodes can be: acid-base titration, redox titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration, nonaqueous titration and so on the many kinds of titration and pH measurement.

The mixing system using PWM modulation technology, the software speed, low noise.

The titration system using perchloric acid corrosion resistant material, for a variety of chemical reaction.
Measurement Range:
pH: (0.00~14.00)pH
Mv: (-1999~0)Mv, (0~1999)Mv
Temp: (-5.0~105.0)ºC

Stability: ±03mV±1bit/3h

pH: ±0.01pH±1bit
Mv:  ±0.03/100 FS±1bit
Temp: ±0.3ºC±1bit

Input current and Input Impedance:
Not larger than 1*10-12A (current)
Not less than 3*1012Ω(Impedance)

Titration tube capacity error:
10ml tube: ±0.025ml
20mu tube: ±0.035ml
Titration rate: 55±10s(to the full scale of the tube)
Capacity analysis reproducibility: 0.2/100




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