B-Ultrasound Scanner Machine (Model HY5511)
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B-Ultrasound Scanner Machine (Model HY5511)

  • HY5511

  • Ultrasound Scanner

  • Female

  • 256

  • ≥256

  • 256 Frames

  • 7.5MHz

  • 3.5MHz

  • CE

  • 9018121000

  • Biological Diagnostics

  • CE

  • Stepless Intelligent Zoom,Local Zoom

  • ≥240mm

  • 1 Total Tgc +7 Slides Tgc Control

  • Built-in Memory(64 Frames), Storage Via USB Disk

  • 6.5MHz

  • everich

  • China

Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System Model: HY5511
Scanning Mode A,B, B/B, 4B, B/M (Up/Down, Left/Right ), M,2 Times zoom in real-time and frozen status
Focusing Electronic focusing + Acoustical lens focusing, single focus and multiple focus are provided.
Scanning technology Digital beam forming, dynamic Aperture, DRF,RDF, RDA, THI
Magnification Stepless intelligent zoom,local zoom
Gray Scale 256
Detectable Depth ≥240mm
Application Abdomen, OB/GYN, urology, blood vessel, heart, small parts, facial, orthopaedic, pediatrics, eye, etc.
Receiving channel ≥256
Gain control 1 Total TGC +7 Slides TGC control
Cine loop 256 frames
Image storage Built-in memory(64 frames), storage via USB disk
Probe frequency 5 step multi-frequency, 2.5MHz - 10.0MHz (Depend on the probe types)
Image process Dynamic range change and logarithm compression, Time/ Spatial filtration, Scanning speed Control, Control of line density and scanning angle/ width, Graphic vertical/ horizontal /black-white flip, Y adjustment, window curve control, edge enhancement, frame correlation, gray curve control, STC curve TGC, DSC change and repeat processing.
Additional function Software update function, screen protection                                                                                            Vedio out: PAL-D,SVGA, 
OB Table(Tokyo, Hadlock, Hansmann)
Basic meas. Basic measurements and calculation:
B-mode: distance, area by ellipse and trace method, distance stenosis percentage, area stenosis percentage,distance ratio,area ratio, volume, angle
M-mode:heart rate, time, distance and velocity
Software package  OB reportGeneral software packages for Abdomen, OB/GYN, Small parts, Cardiology etc. Special cardiology package: LV, Mitral valve, Aortic valve, CO, SV, EF etc.  Special fetal growth analysis software package: LMP,  fetal growth curve, fetal weight etc.
Display parameter ID number, Time, Date, Body mark, Probe position, Focus, Frame rate, Zoom, Gray Scale, Puncture guide line, Menu of image treatment, etc.
Standard Main unit with 10'' monitor, light -key , 2 USB ports  
3.5MHz Convex probe , 2 probe connector
Option 7.5MHz linear Probe,
6.5MHz transvaginal probe,
3.5MHz heart probe,
Biopsy kit, Trolley, B/W video printer.

Magnification Gray Scale Detectable Depth Receiving channel Gain control Cine loop Image storage Linear Probe Transvaginal probe Heart probe
Stepless intelligent zoom,local zoom 256 ≥240mm ≥256 1 Total TGC +7 Slides TGC control 256 frames Built-in memory(64 frames), storage via USB disk 7.5MHz 6.5MHz 3.5MHz





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