Chemical Colorimetric Visible Spectrophotometer (model 721N)
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Chemical Colorimetric Visible Spectrophotometer (model 721N)

  • 721N

  • 360nm ~ 1000nm

  • Less Than 1.5 Nm

  • 0 to 199.9%: T (T)

  • 0 ~ 9999 (C)

  • + 1% (0 ~ 100% Tau Tau)

  • everich

  • China

  • Measurement Type

  • 3 Nm

  • 6 Nm

  • -0.300 ~ 2.999 (a)

  • 1 ~ 9999 (F)

  • Less Than or Equal to 0.3% (0 ~ 100% Tau Tau)

  • CE, ISO

  • 90273000

The performance and function of all the instruments of traditional type 721N.

The wide wavelength range (360 ~ 1000) nm, wide application.

The built-in chip, high degree of automation equipment, with automatic adjustment of 0% (tau), automatic 100% (tau) function and error free -A conversion operation, compared with the original 721 type of instrument is convenient.

4 / 0.8 inch high brightness LED digital display, reading resolution than the traditional 721 type increased 10 times.

It has four measurement mode: the transmittance (T), the absorbance (A), direct reading concentration (C) and coefficient of determination (F), fully meet the test requirements.

Optical system design of the advanced C-T type monochromator, the quality of light splitting device for grating, resolution, measure precision, stray light instrument has good optimization.

We use special precision presetting lamp and lamp holder, the user does not need to adjust light path once again can replace the installed in the changing light, simple and convenient.

The sample chamber adopts special engineering plastic solvent and strong acid and alkali, corrosion and can be removed with washing fluid in the bottom plate and the liquid storage container in order to meet some of the user's.

It can be used for 10 ~ 50 of mm cuvette.

The flame retardant insulation plastic shell, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance.

The main technical indicators:

The optical system: C-T type monochromator (diffraction grating)

The wavelength range: 360nm ~ 1000nm

Maximum permissible error of the wavelength: 3 nm

The wavelength repeatability: less than 1.5 nm

The spectral bandwidth: 6 nm

The photometric range: 0 to 199.9%: t (T)

A:-0.300 ~ 2.999 (A)

C:0 ~ 9999 (C)

F:1 ~ 9999 (F)

The transmission ratio of the maximum permissible error: + 1% (0 ~ 100% tau tau)

The transmission ratio of complex: less than or equal to 0.3% (0 ~ 100% tau tau)

The stray light: less than or equal to 1% (R) (determined by NaNO2 at 360nm,)

The stability of the dark current is less than or equal to 0.3%:: /3min light current: less than or equal to 1% /3min

The mode of operation: manual wavelength


The power supply: AC:90 ~ 250V 50/60Hz

The wavelength range Maximum permissible error of the wavelen The wavelength repeatability The spectral bandwidth The photometric range The power supply
360nm ~ 1000nm 3 nm Less than 1.5 nm 6 nm 0 to 199.9%: t (T) AC:90 ~ 250V 50/60Hz





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