Diathermy Machine (model GD350P)
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Diathermy Machine (model GD350P)

  • GD350P
  • Surgical
  • All People
  • Oxygen
  • 660*560*380mm
  • 15kg
  • 300W
  • 2PC
  • 1 PC
  • CE, ISO
  • 90189090
  • Surgical Equipment
  • CE
  • Without LCD Display
  • 360*360*144mm
  • 9.5kg
  • 0.512MHz
  • 1PC
  • 1PC
  • everich
  • China

Monopolar. Combining cut and coagulation, hand or foot controlled, applicable to various monopolar surgical operation including general, thoracic, abdominal, cardiac, urinary, gynecologic and cineplastic surgery, etc. Also suitable for otolaryngollogical and cosmetic surgery with a lower power.

Size of Host Machine: 360*360*144mm
Package size: 660*560*380mm
Net weight: 9.5kg
Gross weight: 15kg
Operating frequency: 0.512MHz
Power: 300W
Hand-switch pencil 1 pc
Foot-swith pencil 1 pc
Neutral electrode 1 pc
Foot switch 1 pc
Insulatin container 1 pc
Power cable 1 pc
Instruction book 2 pcs
Applicable to all types of monopole operation, including general surgery, orthopedics, Urology, chest, heart, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, is a small hospital, surgical operation equipment is preferred.
Product features:
L high output power; - power control precision;
- cutting, coagulation, and coagulation can cut point; - MOS solid state circuit, high reliability;
- constant power control, adaptive ability of different impedance organization; - the suspension structure, high safety;
- independent of the hand, foot control two control and output; - no fan, reduce noise and pollution
Unipolar mixed cut
The working frequency (MHz)
Rated power (W)
Rated load (q)

Diathermy Machine (model GD350P)
Diathermy Machine (model GD350P)




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