Digital EEG System and Brain Mapping Model: Jy-2410
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Digital EEG System and Brain Mapping Model: Jy-2410

  • Model: JY-2410


  • All People

  • Audio Stimulation

  • DELL Computer

  • Clamp

  • Accessories

  • Multifold Report Patterns with Picture and Text

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189090

  • Imaging Diagnostic Equipment

  • ISO9001

  • 3D EEG Mapping

  • Optional Multi- Parameter: ECG, Resp...

  • Silver Electrode

  • HP Color Printer

  • Jy-2410

  • everich

  • China

Standard configuration:
19 inches LCD Display, DELL Computer, USB digital signal amplifier, silver electrode, headgear, clamp, software, HP color printer,  trolley and accessories
Product Description
JY-2410 Digital EEG Equipment is a multifunctional instrument that gathers EEG, brain mapping and EEG wardship function. Clinical medicine, electronic engineering and computer technology are fitted together in it. Its theory of operation is using electrode to record the brain wave signal from human scalp, then it use computer analysis and imaging technique to take order with the recorded brain wave signal to form brain waveform. Furthermore, this device can draw 3D images of the brain electrical activity. The 3D images can quantitative and oriented reflect the changes of the brain function and its range, location and the degree of the pathological changes. It provides objective and accurate foundation for the diagnoses and therapy of the brain disease. With the function on the pathology diagnosis and functionality diagnosis, it reinforces the insufficiency of the CT and MRI. It saves case history in computers and records EEG signal without pencil, so it economizes the prime cost and takes convenient reexamination for the patients. This device can also be added two ECG leads and one breathing lead (optional).

Optional Multi- parameter ECG, RESP
Selectable Lead Unipolar Lead, Bipolar Lead, Free Lead
 Voltage measurement 25mV to 200mV, error range: ±10%
 Time interval error range is no more than ±5
Time constant 0.03s to 0.1s
error range ±40%
 Power spectrum amplitude error range: ±10%
 Power spectrum frequency deviation range: ±5%
Noise level ≤5µVp-p (peak to peak value)

Clinical application:
It could be applied to brain disease no-trauma diagnosis and brain electricity monitoring.
* 10-20 Standard EEG Lead System
* 3D EEG Mapping
* 3D Rotated Brain Relief Map
* Audio Stimulation
* Optional Multi- parameter: ECG, RESP...
* Self-contained management system of medical record
* Choose any EEG or ECG to enlarge or measure
* Multifold report patterns with picture and text
* Selectable Lead: Unipolar Lead, Bipolar Lead, Free Lead...
* Adopting Large Scale Integrated circuit (LSI) and improved anti-jam capability.
* Doubly isolated the power supply and brain electrical signal to prevent creepage and to insure security.
* Function of various event description such as open or close eyes, deep breathing and photic stimulation
* Arbitrarily set lead modes such as monopole, dual-pole and reference electrode
* Auto-replay EEG wave and real-time compressed chart-array map
* Arbitrarily choose histogram, graph, and graph and percentage map
* Continuously replay spike wave relief map and dynamic 3D rotated relief map
* Arbitrarily set digital filtering, formfeed speed, gain, transmission bands and time constant settings
Technical parameter:
·                     Voltage measurement: 25mV to 200mV, error range: ±10%.
·                     Time interval: error range is no more than ±5.
·        Time constant: 0.03s to 0.1s, error range: ±40%; the error range is no more       than±20% when the time constant ≥0.1s.
·                     Amplitude-frequency characteristic: 1Hz to 60Hz, deviation range: +5% to -30%.
·                     Power spectrum amplitude: error range: ±10%.
·                     Power spectrum frequency: deviation range: ±5%.
·                     Noise level: ≤5µVp-p (peak to peak value).
·                     CMRR (Common mode rejection ratio): each lead ≥80dB.
Polarizing voltage endurance: voltage error range is no more than ±5% when added   ±300mV direct current polarizing voltage.




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