Digital X-ray Imaging System (CCD DR)
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Digital X-ray Imaging System (CCD DR)

  • CCD DR

  • X Ray Equipment

  • Middle-aged and Old

  • B) Tube Current: 16 ~ 200mA;

  • everich

  • China

  • Imaging Diagnostic Equipment

  • CE, ISO13485

  • Pixels: 16 Million Pixels

  • D) Current Time Product: 1 ~ 320mas.

  • CE ISO

  • 90229090

UC type A
Configuration and technical parameters

One. High frequency high voltage generator ( domestic 20KW)
A) Tube voltage: 40 ~ 150kV;
B) Tube current: 16 ~ 200mA;
C) Time: 0.003s ~ 6.0s;
D) current time product: 1 ~ 320mAs.
Digital X-ray Imaging System (CCD DR)
Two. X -ray tube ( Hangzhou Wan XD57-20, 50/150)
A) Focus size: 0.6/1.2mm;
B) Power: 20/50kW;
C) anode features: Rotating anode

Three. DR Detector
A) Type: CCD detectors
B) pixels: 16 million pixels;
C) Effective area: 17 × 17

Fourth, the host system
Lenovo Host
A) Configuration:
Processor: Not less than 3.0GHz;
Memory: Not less than 2GB;
Disk capacity: Not less than 160GB;
Display: Display Mode 1280 × 1024 or more.
B) a digital image processing system:
DR acquisition software.

Five. Beam device ( HKUST Dandong Instrument Factory )
A) Power supply: 24V;
B) to manually adjust the aperture size

VI. High voltage cable ( one pair 10 meters )
VII. Rack systems ( including photographic bed )
Simple structure U arm structure, ergonomic design the perfect combination of photography rack and computer control, to achieve a variety of position, including vertical, horizontal, diagonal, check the angle of the image distance lateral and coke are programmed. The operator only charges a little effort, you can place a button. Specific parameters are as follows:
A) U Arm:
Lifting range: Not less than 800mm;
Rotation angle range: -30 ° ~ +120 ° , deviation ± 2 ° .
B) Detector:
Rotation angle range: -45 ° ~ +45 ° (0 ° From the stop ), deviation ± 2 ° .
C) Tube:
Lifting range: 1000mm ~ 1800mm, deviation ± 2%.
D) X -ray source assemblies around the horizontal axis of rotation:
Rotation range: ± 180 ° , according to stall locked, a total of eight files.




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