Dt-12e Intelligent Operating Table in Hospital
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Dt-12e Intelligent Operating Table in Hospital

  • DT-12E

  • Operation Room

  • All People

  • Without

  • Without

  • 2000mm*520mm

  • Less Than 90%

  • 12V 12ah * 2packs in Parallel

  • everich

  • China

  • Operating Table

  • CE

  • Without

  • Without

  • 650mm-950mm

  • +/-28°

  • 860hpa-1060hpa

  • 220V+/-22V, 50Hz+/-1Hz, --24V(21.6V-25.2V)

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

Major Features and Performance:
Double control panels(hand controller and table-fixed controller
Dual hydraulic control system. In the case of main hydraulic system become out of order, the backup hydraulic system will remain the operating table working in order.
Integrated with a battery pack, enables the operating table to work independent of the AC Power.
Build-in with a complex winding button to provide more convenience for gallbladder and kidney surgery.
An eccentrically support structure allows the exchanging of head section with leg section to make possible fluoroscopy and the whole body X-ray examination with C-arm X-ray machines.
Application of superior stainless steel and special kinds of alloy ensures high reliability and safety.

Technical Data:
Item  Range of Adjustment
Lifting height 650mm-950mm
Table size lenght X width 2000mm*520mm
Fore-and-aft incline angel ±28°
Back board up 75°   down   40°
Foot plate down  90°    unfold   180°
Head board up  32°     down    45°
Leg plate up  15°     down    90°
Shoulder board ±29°
Left and right tilting ±18°
Relative humidity Less than 90%
Atmospheric pressure 860hPa-1060hPa
Power supply 220V± 22v, 50Hz ± 1Hz, --24V(21.6V-25.2V)
Storage battery 12V 12Ah x 2Packs in parallel

Minimum height of table top: 740mm ± 20mm (including mattress)
Maximum height adjustment of table top: ≥ 380mm
Maximum trendelenburg: Forward≥ 25° Backward ≥ 25°
Maximum lateral movement: Leftward≥ 15° Rightward≥ 15°
Maximum movement of head section: Upward≥ 20° Downward ≥ 30°
Maximum movement of abdomen section: Upward≥ 75° Downward ≥ 40°
Front leg section movement: Upward≥ 10° , downward≥ 70°
Rear leg section movement: Downward≥ 85°
Abduction of rear leg section: ≥ 180°
Normal working conditions:
Surrounding temperature: 5 ° C to 40° C
Relative humidity: Less than 90%
Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa-1060hPa
Power supply: 220V± 22v, 50Hz ± 1Hz, --24V(21.6V-25.2V)
Storage battery: 12V 12Ah x 2Packs in parallel





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