Electric Operating Table Model Jhds-2000b
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Electric Operating Table Model Jhds-2000b

  • Model JHDS-2000B

  • Parturition Bed

  • 1950mm

  • 750mm

  • 1

  • 2

  • everich

  • China

  • Bed

  • Bed

  • 520mm

  • 500mm

  • 2

  • 1

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

Electric Operating Table (Model 2000B)

1, Main Usage & Structure
It is special new product suitable for ophthalmology operation according to hospital clinical demands. This operating table's feature is can be lowered to 500mm height from floor for convenient eye doctor to seat operation. The table is equipped with hand rest for decreasing physical fatigue of doctor. It's raising and lowing are controlled by electrically. It's noise ichnite, adjustment easy, performance is reliable.
2, Specifications:
Dimension of table top:
Overall Length...1950± 50mm
With...520± 30mm
Table top of from floor:
Max Heigh...750± 100mm
Min Height...500± 50mm
Adjustments of Head Section:
Elevation...≥ 50mm
Descend...≥ 50mm
Device safety sort: I B
3, Structure:
The electric controlling part is made up of steady power supple, controlling push button container. The power supply of the operating table is: Connect with alternating current (220V AC), then change it into direct current (24V DC) to drive the motor starter to word.
Electric operating table mattresses are produced by the high-density sponge covered leatherette materials or overall bubble forming, with antistatic properties.

4, Instruction of Electric Operating Table:
The controlling push button are all DOT buttons, when the necessary button is rushed, the corresponding motor will work, when the button is not puessde, all movements stop.
1 Connect with power supply.
2 Push the corresponding buttons, the operating table can carry out the action.
3 The ascending and descending movements of the head section are controlled by the lead screw and operated by the hand wheel.
4 The motion idler wheel is installed in the pedestal of the operating table, it can be locked to the ground when trampling the side pedal, it can move around when tramping the other side pedal.
5 The Company will be able to provide circuit draws in accordance with users' needs.
5, Accessories:

Numberal orderName of accessoriesNumber
1Head Rack1
2Arm rest2
3Arm plate2
Electric Operating Table Model Jhds-2000b




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