Electric Operating Table Model Jhds-2000c
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Electric Operating Table Model Jhds-2000c

  • Model JHDS-2000C

  • Parturition Bed

  • Width:480mm

  • everich

  • China

  • Bed

  • Bed

  • Min Height: 550mm

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

1, Main Usage & Structure
A) Main Usage: Electric operating table can be operated for clinical use.
B) Structure: Operating table consists of two parts: Mechanical and electro control system.
This operating table can be lowered to 550mm hight from floor for convenienient of doctors. Electric operating table is a specially designed new product for cerebral operation, also available in surgical procedures of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen perineum and extremities as well as for gynaecological, obstetrical, urological, otorhino laryngological and cranial operations. It's raising, lowering, lateral tilt, reversed trendelenburg, trendelenburg and back section bending are all conducted electrically and controlled by buttons.
2, Specifications:
Dimension of table top:
Overall Length..................2000mm
Dimension of section:
Head Section............250× 480mm
Back Section...465× 480mm
Seat section...450× 480mm
Leg Section...500× 480mm
Foot section...200× 530mm
Kidney Bridge...75× 480mm
Table top of from floor:
Max Height...800mm
Min Height...550mm
Range of movements:
Reversed Trendelenburg...≥ 20°
Trendelenburg...............≥ 15°
Lateral Tilt...≥ 15°
Adjustment of sections:
Head Section Raised from the horizontal...≥ 45°
Head Section lowered from the horizontal...≥ 90°
Back Section Raised from the horizontal...≥ 45°
Back Section lowered from the horizontal...≥ 5°
Kidney Bridge Elevated...≥ 100mm
Leg Section Lowered from the horizontal...≥ 90°
Leg section opened (When optional)...≥ 90°
Foot Section and leg section are on the same horizontal line or on the vertical plane.
Device safety sort I B
Ingress Protection: IPX4
Power: (AC)220V, 50Hz
Internal electric source: (DC)24V
Battery capacity ≥ 2.4AH
Main Specifications of model B head rack
Head Rack Upward or Dowmward...180± 20mm
Head Rack Adjust of Lengthways...50± 10mm
Head Rack Backward or Forward...150± 20mm
Electric Operating Table Model Jhds-2000c





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