Electric Operating Table, Yc. Dt-12c A01.02101
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Electric Operating Table, Yc. Dt-12c A01.02101

  • DT-12C

  • Folded

  • CE, ISO13485

  • Electric

  • Minium of Height 650mm

  • 220V, 50Hz

  • everich

  • China

  • Metal

  • Hospital

  • New

  • 2070× 500mm(L× W)

  • 0 to 300mm

  • Bifurcated Type

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

DT-12C serves as a multi-purpose operationtable, suitable for thoracic abdominal surgery cerbrial surgery, ENT, gynecology and obstertriocs as well as urology surgery.

Summary of features and properties:
1. Integrated hydraulic. System ensures the reliablility of the table.
2. Superior stainless steel housing for the basement and support system of the table makes cleaning and sterilization a easy matter. Ergonomic design provides the table with a clearcut. All mattress are cast and made from polyster rubber.
3. The back section of the table is movable, on which an elevator can be fit for the operation on kidney or gall-bladder.
4. The surfaces of the table are made of plexiglass, By putting the X-ray film container between the upper and bottom deck of the table, radiographic examination can be carried out without moving the patient.
5. All the clamps for fixing the accessories are detachable and easy to use.
6. With the head rest and the double-sheet arm rest, which is optional accessories, the cerebral surgery and lateral surgery are convenient.

Table board: 2070× 500mm(L× W)
Height of table: Minium of height 650mm,
Adjustment range 0 to 300mm
The lateral adjustment: -19° To +19°
Trendlendenburg adjustment: -29° To +29°
Back section: Up to +75°
Head section: -90° To 45° , detachable
Leg section: Bifurcated type,
Abductable up to 180(90either side) down position up to 90 detachable.
Foot section level with or vertical to table board, detachable.
Elevator range of kindney bridge: >120mm
Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz
Electric motor: Singel phase, defferential pace, 370W 1400rpm
Mandatory accessories:

1. Anaesthesia screen
2. X-ray film cassette
3. Kidney bridge
4. Side supports
5. Shoulder supports
6. Knee crutches
7. Arm rest
8. Body strap
9. Mattress
10. Cushions
Optional accessories:
Double deck arm rest
Neurosurgery head rest
Electric Operating Table, Yc. Dt-12c A01.02101





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