Electric Operating Table in Hospital (Model: DT-12D)
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Electric Operating Table in Hospital (Model: DT-12D)

  • Model: DT-12D
  • Operating Table
  • All People
  • Without
  • Without
  • 2060mm
  • Minimum: 550mm
  • Knee Crutches 1set
  • Body Strap 1set
  • CE, ISO
  • 9402900000
  • Electric Operating Table
  • CE, ISO9001
  • Without
  • Without
  • Electric
  • 480mm
  • : 330mm
  • Mattress 1set
  • everich
  • China
DT12-D serves as a multi-purpose operation table, suitable for thoracic abdominal surgery cerebrial surgery, ENT, gynecology and obstertriocs as well as urology surgery.
Summary of Features and Properties:

The operating table is controlled by microprocessor. Two control panels are available, suitable for operation from different position. Locking keys are designed to avoid false operating.
Integrated hydraulic system adopts imported components, which guarantees low noise feature and ensures the reliability of the table.
Extra low position has been designed especially for cerebral and ophthalmic surgery. Doctor is able to take a seat druing operation.
The whole table's top can be moved forward,
Back-ward, laft-ward and right-ward, which permits maximum full body use for a C-am, X-ray unit.
Extra width of table meets today's clinical requirement.
DT12-D is divided into five sections. Including Head Section. Shoulder Section. Body Section, Pelvis Section and Leg Section. The surfaces of these sections are made of radiolucent material. By putting the x-ray film container between the upper and bottom deck of the table, radiographic examination can be carried out without moving the patient.
The movement of all sections are controlled by electric-driven. Hydraulic controlled system. Except for Head Section and Leg Section, which is made manually.
Shoulder section and body section can be
Elevated, which make surgeries on gallbladder and kidney much easier.
The maneuverability and stability table base is fiexible and reliable.
With wide range of accessories, the table is suitable for all kinds of operation.
The whole unit is in accordance with the National Safety Standard for medical electric appliance.
The operating table is compact in structure and new in design.

Table top: Overall length: 2060mm; Width: 480mm
Range of table height: Minimum: 550mm; Elvatint range: 330mm
Motor-powered longitudinal shift for the table tops: 220mm

Optional accessories:
Anaesthesia screen 1set
Knee crutches 1set
Body Support 1set
Mattress 1set
Cassette Support 1set
Body strap 1set
Length and Width for tabletop 2100mm*550mm
Max.&Min. Height for tabletop 850mm*550mm
Max. degree for tabletop forward and backward tilting forward≥15°   backward≥15° 
Max. degree for tabletop tilting left≥15°         right≥15°
Longltudlnal shift of table board ≥200mm
Max. degree for leg rest tilting down
Max. degree for back rest tilting up≥15°         down≥15°
Power supply 220V/50Hz/200W
The range od head rest adjustment up≥35°         down≥90°




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