Electric Operating Table in Hospital Model: Dt-12f
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Electric Operating Table in Hospital Model: Dt-12f

  • Model: DT-12F

  • Without

  • Hospital

  • New

  • AC 220 V, 50 Hz

  • 520 Mm

  • 24V, 24ah

  • Arm Rest 2 PCS

  • - Multipurpose Head Rack

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

  • S.S

  • Unfolded

  • Without

  • Electric

  • 2000mm

  • 740_ 1120 Mm

  • Body Support 2 PCS

  • Clamps 7 PCS

  • everich

  • China

DT12-F Electrical Operating Table
DT-12F electrical operating table is a new version of high level electrical operating table, which adopts a unique stand column supporting the tabletop at the head end. This structure makes the tabletop locate in the place outside the area covered by supporting column, and provide a maximum space for the X-ray examination. The tabletop of DT-12F is well contrived to meet the neurosurgery demand, by designation of four sections with wide angle turnings, which enables the table to form most kinds of postures required in the sophisticated neurosurgery. This is the first choice of a operating table for neurosurgeons
DT-12F contains enormous functions including one key resetting, two control panels--wire remote controller and emergency table mount controller, and in addition, it has provided an options for additional wireless controller.
DT-12 F integrates two independent hydraulic and control system, and is either run by DC (as medical safety power source) or by AC power (as emergency standby power), while all the key parts are sourced from international first rate companies for high reliability and leading technology. Equipped with different accessories, the DT-12F is also possible for all purpose of surgeries in different levels of hospitals
Technical data:
Total length of tabletop 2000mm
Width of tabletop 520 mm
Elevation of tabletop 740- 1120 mm
Trendelenburg movement ± 25°
Lateral movement ± 15°
Head section upward ≥ 25°
Head section downward ≥ 25°
Back section upward ≥ 75°
Back section downward ≥ 40°
Leg section upward ≥ 70°
Leg section downward ≥ 90°
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Storage battery  24V, 24Ah

Total length of tabletop: 2000mm
Width of tabletop: 520 mm
Elevation of tabletop: 740— 1120 mm
Trendelenburg movement: ± 25°
Lateral movement: ± 15°
Head section upward: ≥ 25° Head section downward: ≥ 25°
Back section upward: ≥ 75° Back section downward: ≥ 40°
Leg section upward: ≥ 70° Leg section downward: ≥ 90°
Power: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Storage battery: 24V, 24Ah
Standard accessories:
- Anaesthesia screen 1 pce
- Body support 2 pcs
- Knee crutch 2 pcs
- Arm rest 2 pcs
- Body strap 1 pce
- Clamps 7 pcs
Optional accessories:
- double deck sheet arm rest
- multipurpose head rack
- orthopedic tractor
- simple head rest
- accessories trolley
- X-ray film cassette holder




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