Gynaecological Examination Bed (Model 99B)
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Gynaecological Examination Bed (Model 99B)

  • (Model 99B)
  • Parturition Bed
  • 1800± 50mm
  • 750± 40mm
  • CE, ISO
  • 9402900000
  • Bed
  • Bed
  • 500± 30mm
  • everich
  • China
This bed is designed for checking before parturition, woman's parturition, dystocia operation and curettage. It is characterized by versatility, light, practicability and economy. All adjustments are operated by man. Easy operating, there are enough accessories. The bed is made of sprayed plastic steel.
1, Specifications:
Length... 1800± 50mm
Width...500± 30mm
Height...750± 40mm
2, Adjustment of the Section:
Back Section Raised from the Horizontal... 0° ~60° +5°
Leg Section Lowered from the Horizontal... 0° ~70° +5°
3, Structure and Description:
This table is made up of the table top, the table support. The table top is made up of the back section, the seat section, he leg section, the bed top of the backs raised and lowered, the bed top of the seat raised, the bed top of the legs lowered are adjusted by strict tooth.
4, Accessories:
1, Handle:
Provide a woman in labour to pull.
2, Leg support and mattress:
One on each side for supporting the legs during the operation. Position can be adjusted according to need.
3, Mattress on the table top, Number: 1 suit
It includes two parts which one connected with each other buttons. It is made up of sponge covered with imitation leather, soft and comfortable, easy to use.
5, Cautions:
1, After operating every time, clean the dirt on the bed, keep the bed and accessories clean and prolong their life.
2, Before putting into use, all attachments should be checked to see if they are locked securely so as to prevent them from loosing or sliding off while used.
3, Every active parts be checked so as to the can be operated easily.
4, Lubricating oil should be added to every active part, so that the bed can be operated easily and prolong their life. Smear Vaseline over the tracks of the accessories on each side of the bed and the racks under the table, thus preventing it from being rusty.
5, Don't put off your hand if the support pole of ratchet frame is not fitting the alveolus of ratchet frame when pulling the section raised from the horizontal.
6, Every active parts be checked so as to the can be operated easily.
Gynaecological Examination Bed (Model 99B)




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