Heating and Drying Oven (Model: DHG-9023A)
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Heating and Drying Oven (Model: DHG-9023A)

  • DHG-9023A
  • Atmospheric Dryer
  • Parallel Flow
  • Rt+10~200
  • 530
  • everich
  • China
  • Oven
  • Convective
  • Force Convection
  • 300*280*280
  • Horizontal Convection
  • CE
  • 90189090

Type: Force convection
Platform(Horizontal convection)
Temperature control range:RT+10~200
Dimensions of the working chamber(mm):300×280×280
Consumption power(W):530

1.DHG Series has timing function. And the range of timing is 0 to 9999 min. The temperature control precision is 0.1ºC and the temperature fluctuation is ±ºC,"RT" stands of room temperature.
2.Except main voltage of model 9623A, 9426A and 9626A are 380V, 50Hz, the others are 220V, 50Hz
3.(A) have "A" and not have "A". And "A" means stainless steel working chamber, has the window in the door. The not have "A" means zinc or ordinary steel working chamber, has not window.

Heating and Drying Oven (Model: DHG-9023A)
Heating and Drying Oven (Model: DHG-9023A)




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