High Frequency Mobile C-Arm Imaging System Model: Plx112
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High Frequency Mobile C-Arm Imaging System Model: Plx112

  • Model: PLX112

  • X Ray Equipment

  • All People

  • 3.5kw

  • 40kHz

  • ≥400mm

  • everich

  • China

  • High Frequency Mobile C-Arm System

  • CE, ISO13485

  • 40kv~110kv

  • 460kj

  • ±90°rotation

  • Automatic,Manual,Pulse

  • CE, ISO

  • 90222100

PLX112  High Frequency Mobile C-arm System
PLX112 can be used in Orthopedics:restore bone translocation,reset,fixing Surgery:remove foreign matters,implantable pacemakers.

1. With unique base electric auxiliary support arm design, so it's safer. 
2. A unique hand-held controller design, which can control parameter set, equipment movement and radiation field, so the operation is more convenient
3. With high-quality Combination high frequency high-voltage X-ray generator, it can greatly reduce the amount of X-ray irradiation. 
4. With a perspective KV, MA automatic tracking feature, so that the image brightness, sharpness automatically in the best condition
5. Adopting imported image intensifier, the quality is stable and reliable, and the image is of good clarity. 
6. With medical progressive output high-resolution television system, it can store 8 images, the image is clearer, and easier to use, 
7. With installation of dense grain grids, further enhance image definition. 

Basic configurations: 

1. C-arm mainframe one set
2. Combined high-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency power supply one set
3. Imported 9 inch image intensifier one set
4. Imported medical ultra-low illumination CCD radiography one
5. Imported dense grain grids one set
6. Electrical adjustable beam limiting device one set
7. High-definition progressive output CCU control system one set
8.14-inch high-definition medical dedicated monitor two
9. Unique hand-held controller one set
10. New TV trolley one set

Items Content
Electrical performance High frequency inverter power supply Power:3.5KW  Main inverter frequency: 40 kHz
Perspective max rated capacity Tube current 4 mA    Tube voltage 110 kv
Automatic fluoroscopy tube voltage 40 kv~110kv,adjust automatically
tube current : 0.3mA~~4mA adjust automatically
Manual fluoroscopy tube voltage 40 kv~110kv, continuous
tube current : 0.3mA~~4mA continuous
Pulse fluoroscopy tube voltage 40 kv~110kv, continuous
tube current : 4.1mA~~8mA continuous
Photography tube voltage, tube current mAs 40KV~110KV, 20~63mA , 1~125 mAs
Plate holder size 200mmx250mm(8"x10") or 250mmx300mm(10"x12")
X-ray tube X-ray tube special for high frequency large focus:1.5,    mall focus :0.6
thermal capacity: 460kJ (613 kHu)
Image intensifier Imported 9 inch image intensifier
CCD photography Imported medical ultra-low illumination CCD radiography
Monitor Center definition is 1000 lines and frequency for picture refresh is 75Hz.
CCU (central control) HD progressive output, continuous adjustable recursion, many images storage, upright image, horizontal image, positive & negative image, image patching, LIH(last image freeze), OSD (monitor display).
Structure and performance Direction wheel and main wheel Direction wheel can rotate in any direction, and main wheel can rotate in ±90°.
C-arm The up and down electrical stroke of pillar is 400mm.
Forward and backward movement:200mm; Revolution around horizontal axis : ±180°; Revolution around vertical axis: ±15°, distance from focus to screen: 960 mm; C-arm open distance: 760mm  C-arm arc depth: 640mm; Slipping on orbit : 120°(+90°~-30°)


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