Icp Monitor in Hospital (model HY2850)
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Icp Monitor in Hospital (model HY2850)

  • HY2850
  • Icp Monitor
  • All People
  • 20mmhg~240mmhg
  • Ventricle Probe
  • 30 Mins Waveform Replay
  • CE
  • 90181930
  • Physiological Functions of Diagnosis and Monitoring Equipment
  • CE
  • 40bpm~235bpm
  • Main Unit Epidural/Subdural Probe
  • 10.4"
  • everich
  • China
HY2850 can monitor variety of parameters such as the intracranial pressure, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, per fusing pressure in encephalon, pressure volume synchronously. It is either used in the neurosurgery of hospitals or acted as the independent monitor of multi-parameter body symptom. 
1. Monitoring the parameter such as intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse, pressure volume. 
2. Imported blood oxygen saturation module and is suitable for the bad conditions such as weak perfusion, low body temperature, serious Blood loss. 
3. 10.4" TFT color display, Windows interface, operating in the touch screen. 
4. 30 mins waveform replay in real-time, 72 hours waveform replay of intracranial pressure tendency in real time. 
5.255 groups data list sheet for blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation degree. 
6. Store 30 zero-positions of fiber probe, auto-checking breakdown. 
7. The printing output connector for waveform and data, alarming if exceeding the parameter limit. 
8. Intracranial pressure information transmitted by fiber, the temperature is not drifted. 

1. Pulse measuring range: 40bpm~235bpm resolution: 1bpm error & le; 4bpm
2. Blood oxygen saturation degree measuring range: 40~99%, resolution: 1%, error & le; 2%
3. Intracranial pressure measuring range: -5kPa+20kPa
4. Whole range measuring error: & le; 250Pa
5. Zero point repetition: & le; 0.1kPa
6. Blood pressure measuring range: 20mmHg~240mmHg 
Standard Configuration:  Main unit epidural/subdural probe
Option: Ventricle probe

Pulse measuring range 40bpm~235bpm resolution: 1bpm error & le; 4bpm
Blood oxygen saturation degree measuring range 40~99%, resolution: 1%, error & le; 2%
Intracranial pressure measuring range -5kPa+20kPa
Whole range measuring error  & le; 250Pa
Zero point repetition & le; 0.1kPa
Blood pressure measuring range 20mmHg~240mmHg 
Standard Configuration Main unit epidural/subdural probe
Option Ventricle probe




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