Jy Series UV Transilluminator (Model: JY02S)
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Jy Series UV Transilluminator (Model: JY02S)

  • JY02S

  • 312nm

  • 200×150(Mm)

  • 50Hz

  • 400×295×300(Mm)

  • everich

  • China

  • UV

  • 254nm/365nm

  • 220V±10% ~

  • φ5×20 3A

  • 390×285×95(Mm)

  • CE, ISO

  • 9018200000

I Character
JY Series UV-Transilluminator is a necessary equipment that follows UV light resource with different wavelengths to observe, analyze and take photos of gels of Nucleic Acid and Protein.
II Specification
Specification Qualification
Light Source UV
Transmission wavelength 312nm
Reflection wavelength 254nm/365nm
Transmission area 200×150(mm)
Input voltage 220V±10% ~
Frequency 50Hz
Fuse φ5×20  3A
Dimensions 400×295×300(mm) camera obscura
390×285×95(mm)base, obscura
III Manual
1,Open the door of the camera obscura, with the gel electrophoresis and Chromatography through the sheet of paper samples on the UV glass, close the door. Then open the UV lamp power supply switch, when samples sent toclear the brightest  fluorescence, you can observation and analysis through the observation window.
2,If you need the photo of sample records to stay, first with a film and filter on a camera mounted on the camera obscura, open lights, adjust the location of the sample, then close the lights, open the UV lamps, adjust the camera height, so the samples can be photographed clearly focused. Do not forget to take photographs when the observation window cover plate with shading, and pay attention to the different samples to determine the basis of different exposure time, for example: aperture F-2.8, speed 1', 5', 10'.
IV Notice.
1,UV glass should not put heavy pressure, should not rub metal objects, So as to avoid abrasion.
2,Instruments should be placed in a clean, dry, ventilated and non-corrosive places.
3,After each use,timely manner with a clean gauze (can dip a small amount of anhydrous ethanol) to gently wipe the UV glass,in order to avoid transmission disappear.
4,In order to extend the life of UV glass, When not required the UV lamp, close it timely, Because of prolonged exposure to UV rays will affect the penetrability of UV glass penetrability.
5,The metallic structure of the apparatus should have good grounding power lines.





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