LED Shadowless Operation Lamp (model: JSL2009 3+3)
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LED Shadowless Operation Lamp (model: JSL2009 3+3)

  • JSL2009 3+3
  • Operation Room
  • All People
  • Without
  • Operation Lamp, 3+3
  • Long Life
  • 3500-5000k
  • ≥ 800mm
  • ≤ 1°
  • 360va
  • CE, ISO
  • 85393910
  • Operating Light
  • CE, SGS, FDA, ISO13485
  • LED
  • Without
  • Operation Lamp
  • ≥ 120, 000lux + 120, 000lux
  • 150-300mm
  • Eight Grade Dimmer System
  • -220V 50Hz
  • everich
  • China
The operating lamp is divided into three parts: swiveling arm, balancer and lamp head. The swiveling arm works by means of rotating bearings. It makes the lamp be rotated by 360 degrees and be positioned as required. Meanwhile , adjusting  the damper may let your hand feel comfortable and ensure stable position during the operating. The balancer works by means of the elastics force that arises from the compression on the spring. The elastic forces then become the balancing forces to balance each lamp head at different position, thus the lamp head can be moved up and down with great flexibility.

Features and Technical Data

Technical data JSL2009-3+3
Voltage of the supply , frequency 220V              50HZ
Total irradiation ≤1000W/m2
Ambient Relative Humidity 10%~80%
Standard Mounting Height 3m
Rated power of bulb 3W×19×3 
lluminance 120,000  LX
Color temperature 3500~5000K
Fuse size 5×20  ,RF1-20
Spot diameter 150-300mm
Illumination  depth ≥800mm
Ambient Temperature 10 °c~30°c 

 * Our company reserves the right of product changing. Any models and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Troubleshooting and maintenance
Ø   Common trouble, causes and remedy



How to treat

Light goes out
Source power fails supplying electricity Wait for supplying electricity.

Fuse burns out Cut off power supply &replace fuse.

Transformer burns out Cut off power supply &replace transformer.

Other causes Consult specific engineer.
Position fails locking

Adjust the turning adjusting place (see adjust of turning force in sketch map).

Bass installed not even Consult specific engineer.

Mechanic parts injured Consult specific engineer.
Light focus fails Focusing device loose Consult specific engineer
Balance device fails
Locking up/down position
Wrongly adjust the balance
Consult specific engineer

Note:  Specialist is needed to shoot troubles unlisted above.
Shipment storage conditions
Circumstance for Storage and Transportation:
Ambient Relative Humidity: ≤93%         
Ambient Temperature: -40°c~+55°c
Room with good ventilation and without corrosive gas




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