Medical X-ray Film Processsor (model DL-P17A)
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Medical X-ray Film Processsor (model DL-P17A)

  • DL-P17A

  • X Ray Equipment

  • All People

  • 100mm(4 Inch)

  • 20~60 Second

  • 40~65oc

  • Dev: 8L, Fix: 8L

  • 70kg

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189090

  • Imaging Diagnostic Equipment

  • CE, ISO9001

  • 450mm(14 Inch)

  • 245sheets/Hr

  • Adjustable to Developer Temperayure by Hrat Exchan

  • 20-200ml

  • 755*595*410

  • everich

  • China


Technical Items P17
Max. film width 450mm(14 inch)
Mini. film width 100mm(4 inch)
Processing Capacity 245 sheets/hr
Dev.Time 20~60 second
Adjustable Dev/ Fix temp.range Adjustable to developer temperayure by hrat exchanger
Adjustable dryer temp. range 40~65ºC
Adjustable range of repl. 20-200ml
Tank volume (L) Dev: 8L, Fix: 8L
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 755*595*410
Net Weight 70kg
Power conditions 220V 50/60HZ   8.8A-10A
Conditions for transport and storage Ambient temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC
Relative humidity: 10%~100%
Amient air pressure: 200hPa~1000hPa

Technological Improvement

Energy efficient and broad prospects:
Lower market price (25% to 40% lower than similar imported film processor ), less chemical and water consumption, the most suitable for the medical institutions which need  more than 10 sheets a day. It has broad market prospects and economic benefits.

High-speed processing and high capacity:
The fastest processing procedure only needs 90 seconds with high speed. It can adapt to any hospital emergency requirements which require a quick film.

Saving chemicals and guarantee the activity:
The each volume of developing and fixing baths is only 5 liters, which can greatly shorten the update cycle of chemical, so that chemical is always in the active state.

The computer-controlled and automatically processing:
Processing procedure is controlled by microcomputer. By controlling various forewarnings such as  temperature, velocity, chemical supplement, film amount and the low liquid indicator lights, it will auto-complete. The panel lights will display all working conditions, as long as placed in a film, the machine will automatically process.

Well-designed and reliable operation:
The frame structure, transport roller drive, electronically controlling, hot air drying, liquid supplement and circulatory system are all mature designs. Do not have to worry about the card got struck, scratch or bake quit.

Fast drying and great absorbability:
The Delight image unique high absorbent rollers work with the efficient duct hot air system. It ensures that when processed in high-speed, large, high-humidity environment, the film still can be  dried quickly and efficiently.

Security and convenient maintenance:
The machine is small size and light weight, easy to move and all the rollers from developing to drying can be taken out and an be rinsed with water maintenance; and even for electrical control system, user can open the cover under film-inlet box to maintain.

Reduce oxidation and pollution:
In order to reduce air oxidation, our engineers design oxidation-resistant covers for chemical tanks, which also reduces the contamination of the indoor air.
Sandard Equipment

1. Developing and fixing synchronization heating system
2. Developing and fixing independent washing circulatory system
3. Developing and fixing synchronized replenishment system
4. Solenoid valves water-saving system
5. Professional conical duct drying system
6. Mechanical induction paper inlet system
7. DKM electronic speed control and energy saving systems




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