Medical X-ray Radiograph System Machine (PLD5000B)
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Medical X-ray Radiograph System Machine (PLD5000B)

  • PLD5000B

  • 1.0/2.0

  • 44~125kv

  • with LCD Display

  • everich

  • China

  • 40kw

  • 50Hz

  • 32~500mA

  • Hand-Switch Control

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189090

Medical Equipment PLD5000BX-ray Radiograph system

Total 3.8 CBM, GW: 1040KG

Packing Detail: TypeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)N. G (kg)G. G (kg)
Diagnostic bed+Column +StandPLD5000B22401360910500570
HV Generator control cabinetPLD50009705501120120175
HV Generator GY5000-1730580950200295
Power Output: 40KW
X-ray Tube: Rotary anode
Focus: 1.0mm
Thermal Capacity: 140 KJ
Commute Method: Full Wave Commutation
Tube Voltage: 50~125KV, interval 1KV
Tube Current: 32mA(min) ~500 mA (max) Adjustable
With different grades
Exposure Time: 0.020s~4.000s(23 grades)
Bucky grid: Grid Density: 40L/cM
Grid Ratio: 10: 1
Focus Distance: 120cm
Stationary Dimension: 15× 18
Power Supply: Two Phases with Four Lines(380V± 10%, 
50Hz Inner-resistance≤ 0.3Ω Capacity
≥ 40kVA)


Bed Size: 2000× 760mm
Bed Height: ≤ 700mm
Bed Transverse Movement Distance: ± 110mm
Bed Longitudinal Movement Distance: ± 450mm
Cassette Movement Distance: ≥ 500mm
X-ray Generator Revolution around Pillar Center: ± 90° 
Pillar Turning: 40° × 9° 
Pillar Movement Range along Bed: ≥ 1300mm
Distance Between Focus and Film(SID): 500~1280mm
Time Limit of Collimator Lamp: 15sec
Vertical Movement of Sternum Plank: 480~1460mm
Film Size: 5"× 7"~14"× 17"
Bed: 2200mm× 1100mm× 900mm
N. W. 300kgs G. W. 425kgs
Oil trunk: 800mm× 700mm× 1050mm
N. W. 300kgs G. W. 375kgs
Operation table: 1200mm× 1000mm× 1700mm
N. W. 350kgs G. W. 450kgs
Bucky stand: 2440mm× 1100mm× 900mm
N. W. 250kgs G. W. 375kgs


1. Anti-electroshock, radiation-proof, and full wave commutation. 
2. With electromagnetism controlling system, fluctuation bed board
And manual operation pillar to ensure a fast and reliable
3. Structure designed based on anthropotomy, with beautiful
Appearance, and easy to operate. 
4. Convenient to take stretcher photograph. 
5. A sternum plank is optional (grid density: 40L/cm; Grid ratio: 
10: 1; Focus distance: 120cm; Stationary, dimension: 15× 18, 
And distance adjustable)
Technique parameters
Item Contents
Power Output  40KW
Dual-focus 1.0/2.0
Inverter Frequency 50HZ
Tube Voltage  44~125KV
Tube Current 32~500mA





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