Multi-Functional Anesthesia Machine (model MHJ-IIC)
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Multi-Functional Anesthesia Machine (model MHJ-IIC)

  • Anaesthesia
  • Adult
  • Oxygen
  • Anaesthesia
  • 0.05-10L/Min
  • 35-75L/Min
  • 0.2-5vol%,with Pressure,Flow and Temperature Comp
  • 100-1200ml
  • 0-1500ml
  • CE ISO
  • 90189070
  • Anaesthesia
  • CE, ISO13485
  • With LCD Display
  • Semi Open Suction
  • 0.1-15L/Min
  • O2 Concentration≥25%(O2+N2o)
  • 0 -7kpa;CO2 Absorber:1.6L
  • 6-40bpm
  • 6kpa
  • everich
  • China

MHJ-IIC is a multi-functional anesthesia machine incorporating anesthesia, respiratory and monitoring functions.
Anesthesia Machine: Two-stage pressure relief; high-precision N2Oand O2 flowmeters.ORC,O2-deficiency alarm and N2O cut-off device. It′s equipped with ZFG-B1 compensation vaporizer, such as Drager 193.,Ohmeda TEC-5 and Penlin Sigma Delta.
Integrated breathing system satisfies clinical demand of low-flow anesthesia.
Anesthesia Ventilator: Pneumatic-driven and electric-controlled, time-cycled and volume-constant.
Low air-consumption. Power failure alarm and low-flow alarm.
Monitor: Equipped with respiratory monitory for realtime monitor on tidal volume, minute volume, respiratory frequency and oxygen concentration assuring patients safety

Adjustment range of flow O2:0.1-15L/min
 N2O: 0.05-10L/min
ORC: O2 concentration≥25%(O2+N2O)
O2 Flush: 35-75L/min 
Anesthesia ventilator Frequency 6-40bpm
Tidal volume 100-1200ml
Maximum airway pressure 6kpa
Respiratory monitor Tidal volume 0-1500ml
MV 0-40L/min
 Oxygen concentration 0-40 L/min

Adjustment range of flow :O2:0.1-15L/min
                                                    N2O: 0.05-10L/min
                                                    ORC: O2 concentration≥25%(O2+N2O)
O2 Flush: 35-75L/min 
O2 deficiency alarm/N2Ocut-off:
     As O2 pressure is≤0.2Mpa,audible;
     As O2 pressure is≤0.14Mpa,N2O decrease;
     As O2 pressure is≤0.04Mpa,N2O is cut off automatically;
APL adjustment:               0 -7kPa;CO2 absorber:1.6L
Vaporizer:                           0.2-5VOL%,with pressure,flow and temperature compensation functions.
Anesthesia ventilator:
     Tidal volume:100-1200ml
     Maximum airway pressure:6kpa
Respiratory monitor:
     Tidal volume:0-1500ml
     MV: 0-40L/min
     Oxygen concentration:0-40 L/min
     Airway Pressure:0-9.9kpa




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