Universal Operation Table (model JY-A)
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Universal Operation Table (model JY-A)

  • JY-A

  • Universal

  • Hospital

  • CE

  • 2000+/- 50 Mm

  • 250+/- 50mm

  • >= 15°

  • >= 15°

  • >= 35°

  • everich

  • China

  • Metal

  • Folded

  • Without

  • New

  • 480+/- 20 Mm

  • >= 20°

  • >= 15°

  • >= 75°

  • 135kg

  • CE, ISO

  • 9402900000

JY?A operation table is suitable for various operations conducted by medical unit.

Various actions are controlled by hydraulic pneumatic system.
All movements of the table are manipulated using the operating handle under the head plate.
Imported Y type sealing ring is durable.
The table surface adopts imported carbon plastic plate which is easily for conducting X-ray examination,equipped with coincidence rail.
Both sides of the bed rail for the high quality 304 stainless steel.
The base adopts imported carbon cloth which can be easily cleaned and sterilized.
The mattress is wrapped with imported artificial leather. High-density memory sponge is formed in one piece, with no seam.
Foot treadle brake device which is easily for moving operating table.

Standard Accessories:
A pair of shoulder support frame, a pair of waist support frame, a pair of arm resting frame, a pair of leg support frame, a screen frame, a pair of pedal foot board, a waistband.
JY· A Universal Operation Table involves hydraulic and pneumatic technologies. It can be easily and conveniently operated, obtaining the desired position only by pressing the handle at the front. The air cylinder to the operating table is imported from Germany; And the bed surface is a specially made board, which makes it convenient for fluoroscopy and other medical examinations. 3008E is fitted with many accessories for practical applications and meeting the requirements for various surgical operations. It is an ideal operating table for comprehensive use.
Technical Specifications
Table length 2000± 50 mm
Table width 480± 20 mm
Maximum and minimum height of the platform 700± 50mm  950± 50mm
Ascending distance 250± 50mm
Front inclination ≥ 20°
Backward inclination ≥ 15°
Left inclination ≥ 15°
Right inclination ≥ 15°
Back board Fold upward ≥ 75°
Head board Fold upward ≥ 35°
Head board Fold downward ≥ 40°
Accessories Shoulder support frame, Waist support frame
Arm resting frame, Leg support frame
Screen frame, Pedal foot board, Waistband

Table length): 2000± 50 mm
Table width): 480± 20 mm
Maximum and minimum height of the platform): 700± 50mm 950± 50mm
Ascending distance): 250± 50mm
Front inclination) ≥ 20°
Backward inclination) ≥ 15°
Left inclination) ≥ 15°
Right inclination) ≥ 15°
Back board Fold upward)≥ 75°
Head board Fold upward)≥ 35°
Head board Fold downward)≥ 40°
Leg board Fold downward)≥ 90°
Waist board lifting) ≥ 100mm
Table rated load capacity): 135Kg
Shoulder support frame, Waist support frame, Arm resting frame, Leg support frame, Screen frame, Pedal foot board, Waistband




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