Water Distilling Apparatus (model DZ-5)
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Water Distilling Apparatus (model DZ-5)

  • DZ-5

  • 200V/50Hz

  • ≥5L/H

  • everich

  • China

  • Water Distilling Apparatus

  • 4.5kw

  • 35*34*78

  • CE

  • 8419409090

Performance and characteristic
Machine made of high quality stainless steel. Condensing coil structure, the cooling effect is good, large volume of water. Evaporative cooling water return barrel, save water resources. Release valve barrel condensed water can be discharged to improve fouling conditions. Copper immersion heating pipe, high thermal efficiency, long service life. 
This series of apparatus have tap water as source to produce pure water by electrical heating distilling. It is applied in health and medicine units, chemical industries, scientific research institutions and labs etc. 
1. Made of high-quality stainless steel by stamping and welding. 
2. Characterized by anti-corrosion, age-resistant, easy operation and stable function, and safety and durability. 
3. Coiled stainless steel tube condenser with good heating exchange and large water output. 
4. Water leveler design, which cuts off power supply and raises alarm automatically when water level is low, and continues to reheating after water replenishment.

Electric Supply Power Water discharge Product size(Wooden)
200V/50Hz 4.5KW ≥5L/h 35*34*78





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