X-ray Film Processor (model A03.04001)
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X-ray Film Processor (model A03.04001)

  • A03.04001

  • X-ray, MRI and etc

  • 25s-45s

  • 25L

  • 86*58*52cm

  • D=15mm

  • CE, ISO

  • 90189090

  • 3*6in-14*17in (Max Film Width 14)

  • 90s-160s

  • 20ml-200ml

  • in 4 Min Intervals

  • 55kg

  • everich

  • China

Film format 3*6in-14*17in (Max Film Width 14)
Film applicable X-ray, Mri and etc
Process time 90s-160s
Time of develop 25s-45s
Adjustable dryer temp, range 40ºC-65ºC
Adjustable range of repl. 20ML-200ML
Replenishment containers 25L
Anti-crystallization In 4 min intervals
Power conditions 220VAC-240VAC, 50/60HZ, Rated current 12A, Rated current 2.64KW
Dimensions (L/W/H) 86*58*52cm
Weight 55kg
Water pipe dimension D=15mm

Small Body

    350XT ground occupied area is only 0.36 , which is probably suitable for any small dark room. You don't need to worry about space issue.

High Auto Control

    350XT is an auto film processing device controlled by a micro computer. To easily set processing data, adjusting of temperature and speed is set by two groups of potentiometer on control board. Functions like chemical replenish, ready for film processing, solution low-level indicator and every type of alarm, can be automatically realized through LED indicators of control panel. It is easy to understand and operate. Indicators on control panel would let you know all working status at any time. When chemical temperature reaches set value, what you do is only to put a film in and machine will automatically enter working status and make the processing.

Save Chemicals

    Develop and fix volume of 350XT is only 5 liters which may largely reduce new chemicals replacement cycle and keep chemical effectiveness at a good status. To reduce air oxidation to chemicals, a special designed anti-oxidation cover is placed in chemical tank. It largely reduces air oxidation to chemical solution and meanwhile it reduces oxidized chemical's pollution to air in working room.

Hi-efficient Dryer

    There is a hot-air duct-mode dryer system of hi-efficiency and squeeze roller of hi-performance in 350XT dryer section. This guarantees the high performance of dyer required by mass processing of film in a high-temperature environment.

High Working Reliability

    This machine has state of the art and matured design in film-transport rack's structure, roller transport, electronic control, hot-air dryer, chemical replenish and circulation. It has a long life period for usage. Film jam, scratches and film not dried will not occur.

Film Output Selectable

    Two modes are designed for 350XT's film output way, they are:
(1) Front film output mode: in this mode the entire machine is placed in dark room for processing operation. Film will be out on the top of machine after processing.
(2) Rear film output mode: what you do is only to adjust a group of guide in dryer exit to the status of rear-film-output, and make an 8×48cm hole in the dark room and separation wall, mount the film collector below the hole. Film output is collected in light room.

Fast Processing Speed

    350XT is designed according to hi-speed requirement on film processing. Fastest whole processing time of machine can be at 90 sec, suitable for any urgent diagnosis or hospital that may require fast processing.

Cost Effective

    350XT market sale price is lower. It applies for organization that processes 30~150 pieces everyday. Chemical, power and water consumption of this machine is low. Usage cost of whole machine is 25%~40% lower than similar processor, so it applies for the one with less film processing volume, one hospital with several machines, and the hospital or department that one working room is configured with several machines.

Easy Maintenance

    Easy maintenance is well considered during 350XT's design. Besides features of small machine body, light weight, easy to move, the machine's racks from develop to dryer can be all easily released out and washed by water for maintenance. Electrical control part is enclosed and mounted below entrance feeding box. By opening external cover of this E-box, you may do the maintenance easily on every electronic component inside.

Energy Saving
    Max power consumption of 350XT whole machine is only 2.2 KW, water consumption per minute is only 2 liters which will be automatically opened when processing film. If no film processing, water flow and dryer heating system, etc, will automatically enter standby and energy saving mode.




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