X-ray Film Processor (model A03.04002)
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X-ray Film Processor (model A03.04002)

  • A03.04002
  • X-ray, CT, MRI Film and etc
  • 40oc-65oc
  • Develop: 4.4 Liters; Fix: 4.4 Liters
  • 70kg
  • Hq-450xt
  • CE, ISO
  • 90189090
  • 3*6in-14*17in (Max Film Width 14)
  • 25~45s
  • 20ml-200ml/0.50m2
  • 97*58*52cm
  • 220VAC-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • everich
  • China

All plastic parts of A03.04002 processors chemical tank and external cover are made by mold. Thus manufacture and technique of whole machine reaches an advanced level in current world and it is the sole product which is made by mold in all bran
Performance description
Technical parameters
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Film format
3*6in-14*17in (Max Film Width 14)
Film applicable X-ray, CT, Mri film and etc
Time of develop 25~45s
Chemical replemish mode Auto replenish accordin to processing area detected by infrared and manual button replenish
Adjustable dryer temp, range 40ºC-65ºC
Replemish rate adjust 20ml-200ml/0.50m2
Processing procedure develop, fix wash and dry are completed in one process
Tank volume Develop: 4.4 liters; Fix: 4.4 liters
Power supply 220VAC-240VAC, 50/60HZ, Rated current 6.5A, Rated current 2.64KW
Dimensions (L/W/H) 97*58*52cm
Weight 70kg


    All plastic parts of 450XT processor's chemical tank and external cover are made by mold. Thus manufacture and technique of whole machine reaches an advanced level in current world and it is the sole product which is made by mold in all brands of China. Another feature of this machine is that it is the breakthrough among similar products in the world because it has a very deep chemical tank. Depth of chemical tank and film-transport rack of 450XT is 140mm but with an 88mm width. Such a design of deep depth and narrow width meets the high requirement of large process volume, good chemical anti-oxidation performance, even processing density, no scratches.

    HQ-450XT Film Processor Features

Whole Machine Outer Shape

    Utilize mold to form the shape one time, beautiful and fluent shape, robust body.

Body Volume

    Small body of whole machine with only 0.6 square meter space area, suitable for installation in every dark room of every type of hospital and organization. It solves the contradiction between big body of deep-tank machine and small dark room.

Processing Volume

    Machine's processing volume can be 100 pieces per hour (14 × 17 inch). It is the machine with biggest processing volume among desk-top small machines in China and meets the processing requirement of deep-tank machine's processing volume.


    The extreme narrow and deep design on chemical tank reduces chemical oxidation largely. The chemical tank's width is only 88mm, which is most narrow model of tank in the world. 4.4 liters of chemical load reduces chemical consumption largely, 40% chemicals saving compared with similar products all around world. On the other hand, narrow tank and low oxidation design improves air conditions in the dark room, reducing the damage to operator in dark room made by chemical's smell.

Film-transport Structure

    Utilized most advanced structure design for processing in the world and combined with Huqiu's 27 years experience and technology on manufacture processing equipment, the roller film-transport system is designed by state of the art for a high performance of stability, no film jam and no scratch.

Electronic Circuit

    Utilize components of world-brand and hi-reliable circuit to design the stable electronic circuit control system. Microcomputer control system can automatically control the chemical's temperature and replenish, circulation and drying. Detection system inside the machine can automatically monitor and control the status of solution low-level, high temperature, no film fed-in, with also alarms and display.


    There is a hot-air duct-mode dryer system of hi-efficiency and squeeze roller of hi-performance in dryer section. This guarantees the high performance of dyer required by mass processing of film in a high-temperature environment.

Processing Effect

    Deep-tank design makes processed film with less frog, good contrast, full of details, improving film-processing quality and diagnosis effect largely.

Energy Saving

    Energy saving design reduces consumption of water, power and chemicals so that machine operation's cost will be lowered effectively, and it improves your economy benefit.


    Small body volume, light weight, easy to move. You can disassemble all parts of machine in 5 minutes with extreme easy operation. This helps to inspect and maintain every part inside the machine.

Cooling System

    To prevent chemical temperature affected by ambient temperature and thus exceeding set value, a cooling system is configured. Once chemical temperature exceeds the set value, water cooling system will be opened automatically.




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