X-ray Film Viewer Series in Hospital
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X-ray Film Viewer Series in Hospital

  • single double Three

  • X Ray Equipment

  • All People

  • 75kpa~106kpa

  • 50Hz

  • 855X425mm

  • 550X440X 100mm

  • 1250X550X100mm

  • CE, ISO

  • 90105010

  • Imaging Diagnostic Equipment

  • ISO900

  • 15°~35°

  • 220V

  • 430X363mm

  • 1170X425 Mm

  • 935X550X100mm

  • everich

  • China

1, Film are easily to be inserted, taken out, and clipped firmly.
2, The frame of body is made of  the electrophoresis aluminum-alloy, it is durable.
3, The screen is made of fine white polymethyl methacrylate plate, which is bright and clean. 
4, Anti-ultraviolet ray, and never fade in color.
5, It is the first one to make the viewer body with aluminum-alloy to shape wholly in domestic . It is beautiful design.

Temperature: 15ºC~35ºC
Atmospheric Pressure: 75kPa~106kPa
Power Voltage: 220V
Power supply Frequency: 50Hz
Brightness of the screen: ≥2000 (cd/m⊃2;)
Temperature:   15ºC~35ºC
Atmospheric Pressure:  75kPa~106kPa
Power Voltage: 220V
Power supply Frequency:  50Hz
Brightness of the screen:  ≥2000 (cd/m⊃2;)

1 single view pieces lamp
Screen size: 430x363mm frame size: 550x440x 100mm
Net weight: 9kg/2pcs, gross weight: 12.4kg/2pcs
Carton size: 60x46x14 packing:  48x31x64
2 double film viewing lamp
Screen size: 855x425mm frame size: 935x550x100mm
Net weight: 16kg/2pcs, gross weight: 21.4 kg/2pcs
Carton size: 98x57x14  packing: 100x31x61cm 
3 triple view pieces lamp
Screen size: 1170x425 mm   framesize: 1250x550x100mm 

double triple
Screen size 430x363mm  855x425mm 1170x425 mm
frame size 550x440x 100mm 935x550x100mm 1250x550x100mm 
Net weight: 9kg/2pcs 16kg/2pcs
gross weight 12.4kg/2pcs  21.4 kg/2pcs
Carton size 60x46x14 98x57x14
packing:   48x31x64 100x31x61cm 





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